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Marketing Plan

Shoaib Awan Uncategorized 22:09
Tianshi (Tiens) Marketing Plan
The Tianshi (Tiens) Marketing Plan has been designed to encourage you to build a strong, stable, and sucessfull sales organization and to help you to attain the maximum reward for your efforts, dedication and development as a Tianshi Distributor.
Tianshi's sucess is based firmly and exclusively on retail sale. However, you income potential is not limited to the retail sales you make youself.Tianshi rewards you for both your personal efforts and also to work you do in helping others in  your organization develop seccessful Tianshi business.
As a Distributor, you will benefit from the support, resources, and assistance of Tianshi, a major player in ther international marketplace.
Together, we can help you achieve health, business success, and honest income with pride.
There are Seven Different ways to generate Income as a independent distributor of Tianshi
Retail Sales Profit:
Difference between distributor price and retail price.
Direct Commission:
On personally registration of customers.
Indirect Commission:
Earned off by your whole sale team.
Leadership Commission:
Once you have developed a productive sale team.
Honored Title Commssion:
Based upon the global sales of the Company.
Special Award Commission: According to the awards announced by the company form time to time.
Autoship Commission:
You can apply for monthly personal consumption plan.
To help you understand how to achieve your goals through the Tianchi Business Oppertunity, the following explanation have been prepared. Your Trainer will have the experience in the business to be able to assist you as well. You need to attend regular meetings and training sessions that will equip you to build your business skills.
The Marketing plan section is divided into five parts.
Part I
"Status Qualification and Commssion": There are various Commissions and qualifying conditions staring at the Trainee Distributor up to Regional or National Distributor.
Part II
"Leadership Qualification and Commission":  Additional areas of income are available to you once you attain the status level of Senior Distributor up to National Distributor.
Part III
"Honorary Qualification and Commission": Once you have attained the status level of Global Distributor, the Company offers a recognition program that allows you to share in the global sales of the Company up to the sales performance the Company up to Honorary Director.
Part IV
"Auto Personal Consupmtion Plan":  Distributor can apply for monthly auto personal consumption and get Commission on the sales performance of their team.
Part V
"Special Rewards":  Company offers exciting incentives on the best sales performance, announced time to time.
Important Points
Commission are calculated and preceded on a monthly cycle basis.
All the POINTS earned during the monthly cycle form 26th of a calendar month will accumulate till 25th of the next calendar month. The new monthly cycle then starts form the 26th onwards.
All the Distributor are entitled to the retail profit generate from the sales of the Tianshi products.
All the distributor have the right to register the Customers to join Tianshi business.
The Distributor through Auto personal consumption do not qualify to share the direct Commission and indirect Commission.
POINTS will be calculated and processed on the monthly cycle basis and Commission allocation will commence form the 20th of the following month.
All Commission are paid by means of a cheque.
Once you have attained a perticular distributor Status level. you will retain and not revert back to a lower status level.
Your POINTS starts accumulating from the day one and carries over month into the next.
Tiens products can be purchased from the main branches located in Islamabad. Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Lahore, Multan, Karachi, and Quetta.
The Addresses of all branches are mentioned on the beginining of Business Kit.
In addition these products are also available for purchase from authorized stockist in various towns/ locations at the same fixed price as at the main branches. Stockist have been warned not to charge any extra amount from the customers. Stockist's addresses are mentioned on the beginning of Marketing plan.
Customers have the options to purchase products with out getting registered and if they wish to get a discount, registration is a must. Our registration form is reguired to be filled up (as practiced in many renowned hospitals / organizations / clubs and shopping malls) and is available in the main branches / stockist on a nominal charge / Registration fee (Rs: 1600/=).
The company has a policy of BUY BACK its products with in seven days of purchase, in case the customer is not satisfied, (provided that the products / is in its shape and packing and is resaleable).

The Tiens Marketing Plan will provideyou the freedom to concentrate on  the important things in life.
Tiens Sales Plan
This Plan Contain all Commission level, Growth Strucure, Award level etc.
Sales plan

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